Asset management services for professional real estate investors.


Versatile real estate management services for real estate investment companies, funds and other professional real estate investors.

Asset management services for professional real estate investors.

Kuuvuori Partners Oy

Real Estate Asset Management

Kuuvuori Partners offers asset management services for professional investors in the real estate sector. Kuuvuori Partners manages the real estate assets of its customers, ensuring optimal short- and long-term returns on investment and taking into account potential risk factors. Our Asset Managers are responsible for the property portfolio and customers assigned to them, but they also have access to the entire team’s expertise and know-how.

Real Estate Development

Kuuvuori Partners develops business premises within the Turku economic area, but the company also operates throughout Finland in all real estate segments as needed. Whether your company is looking for business premises or you own undeveloped land, we can help you find a solution that fits your needs.

Transaction Advisory Services

In property transactions, Kuuvuori Partners acts as an advisor to the seller or buyer, ensuring smooth transactions. We are constantly looking for suitable listings in various real estate sectors. We prepare preliminary profitability calculations and other necessary reports to facilitate a smooth transaction process and ensure properties find new, satisfied owners.

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Our Operations

Kuuvuori Partners offers real estate asset management and property management services to major investors all over Finland.

Portfolios Managed by Us

Kuuvuori Partners currently provides asset management services for two real estate portfolios. One portfolio consists mainly of social infrastructure properties (schools, hospitals, nursing homes), and the second portfolio consists of commercial properties such as logistics, warehouse and other

Over 350 000 m2 spanning 100 properties

Kuuvuori Partners currently manages over 100 properties across Finland, focusing on significant growth centers and their surrounding municipalities. The company manages a total area of 350,000 square meters, with the managed properties ranging from just a few hundred square meters to production premises exceeding 25,000 m2.

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Our customers:

We work proactively for the long-term benefit of our customers.

Kuuvuori Partners was founded in response to our customers' need for active asset management and specialized expertise in their segments. Our mission is to provide the best to the select few rather than something for everyone. We specialize in a few selected real estate segments. Our Asset Managers and shareholders work in all phases of the real estate asset lifecycle (real estate development, construction, transactions, and active ownership). This enables us to stay informed about current market conditions and anticipate the future. Our market intelligence enables active and thorough real estate asset management for our customers.

Our Asset Managers are responsible for the daily operations of Kuuvuori Partners and the customers and properties assigned to them. Our shareholders, who have successfully built tens of social infrastructure properties across Finland, also support our Asset Managers with their expertise.  While each of us is accountable for our own actions, we can also draw on the company's expertise and know-how for support. This enables us to provide the best possible service to our customers, regardless of the situation.

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